Visit to our new midwife Michele.

All went very well. We listened to our baby heart 🙂 I have to drink more water… 3L per day! We got the full results of the blood test and the result for the toxoplasmosis is negative.

Visit at the Rosie hospital.

After a little bleeding, we went to the assessment unit at the Rosie hospital for a check up. All was fine, I had a blood test and an injection of anti-D. After few hours, we went back home reassure that all was fine with our little one.

In Cambridge.

Mummy-to-be is wearing her new dress received from Brazil few weeks ago! It is a sunny day in Cambridge after long weeks of rain… Baby is 23 weeks + 6 days.

In Cambridge.

Mum-to-be is studying comfortably with her new maternity and breast feeding pillow at 22 weeks + 6 days 🙂