Rosie tour.

We went for a tour of the Rosie maternity hospital in Cambridge. We visited the delivery unit (one room with birth pool), the Lady Mary Ward where you can stay overnight and the birth unit (Midwife Led Birth Unit with one room with birth pool). It looks pretty good, and the staff is really nice. They really try to do their best with what they have, but it is still a hospital…

By chance, we met one of our NCT classmate in the hospital. Their baby arrived the day before so almost 4 weeks in advance! Mum and baby are well. We are going to miss them in the classes!

JULI-meets-the-world party in Cambridge.

We visited Juli, the little one on mum Almut’s laps having her meal! She is 2 months old, lovely and gorgeous. We had a great time in the garden enjoying the sunny weather. At 34 weeks + 6 days, mum-to-be was enjoying delicious cakes!
Tonight we had a great dinner, we did a “Soufflé de bacalhau” (cod fish soufflé) a traditional Portuguese recipe that Alan loves 🙂

Visit to our midwife Michele.

Alan couldn’t come with me this time as he was in the eSciences conference in Nottingham. So I went alone to the surgery and asked a bit more detailed about the results of the two blood tests I had since I am pregnant. All is fine. I got the medical certificate needed at my work to postpone the maternity leave for two weeks, in order to start them only four weeks before the due date. Then we discussed about my hip pain and the lost of sensitivity in my right hand. For the hip pain, she said to call her back next week and she will send me to the physiotherapist if necessary. For the hand, no need to worry it is really common, I have to wait after the delivery to see if the problem persists. We also talked about a possible home birth and she was really enthusiast with the idea, and said that an extra scan will be offered at 36 weeks to be sure that the baby will be head down in the right position to avoid any risks. She also said that we can buy or hire a birth pool. She took my blood pressure and it was fine, touched my belly to feel the baby and said that the head was down, and measured the belly, it is now 34 cm! All was fine and next time we are going to see her will be at 36 weeks and at home for a long appointment to discuss about our birth plan.

Happy birthday Grandma-to-be Jeannine 🙂

1st NCT Antenatal class.

We went to our first NCT classes with 7 other couples. Our teacher is Alex, she is very nice and friendly. We were introduced to each others by answering questions about pregnancy and birth. The main topic of this class was to think and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of home vs. hospital birth. After the course, we started thinking that a home birth can be an option for us.
We are going to have 5 more classes on the following Tuesday evenings.

In Merlet parc (Chamonix, France).

It was an unforgettable holidays in the French Alps. We have been to Aiguille du Midi, as height as 3842m by cable car of course, and we have been walking down hill for more than 2hrs from La Flégère (1877m).
Mum-to-be is in a good fitness and has enjoyed a lot the sun and fresh air from the mountains!
At 32 weeks + 3 days, our little one is growing very fast!

All our holidays photos are available here.