Lunch party with our NCT classmates and more…

We went to Todd & Catherine’s house for a lunch with our NCT classmates (Sally & Paul; Ginny & Karl; and Geeta & Anil). We also had the great opportunity to meet little Emma, Dianne & David’s daughter, who was born 2 weeks ago. We heard as well that another couple Kiran & Neil got their little one too.

However, there is more! We had the visit of Sarah & Andrew, two students from the Cambridge University Medical School. They are caring out interviews with pregnant women as part of their training to develop communication and empathy skills as future doctors.

Since the day was not over… we went to a house warming party at Tânia & Alex’s new place. We spent a really good evening there and we had the chance to see Juli again. She is simply gorgeous 🙂

Lunch party with our NCT classmates and more…

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