Presentation scan.

Because we have decided to go for a home birth, we were entitle to have a presentation scan. That was really great to see our baby once again ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even if now our baby is too big to have good pictures (so sorry, no picture this time…).
The scan confirms that the head of our little one is down, but the back is against my back, so called cephalic dorso-posterior. It is not the best position. The best one is cephalic occiput anterior when the baby is head down facing your back, with is back on one side of the front of your tummy. So I am going to work hard to try to make our baby turns by walking more, going to swim and crawling around on hands and knees for 30min every day.
Otherwise everything else is fine even if our baby doesn’t turn. The estimated weight during that scan of our baby is 3.035g.

Presentation scan.

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