First days with Louisa.

So here we are, few days after the birth of our little Louisa, enjoying the first days of parenthood. Since we came back from hospital, every minute has been really great! How life could bring you such happiness! Of course, we have to wake up during the night for feeding and cleaning Louisa, but it is such an incredible pleasure to see her after these nine months waiting for her! Nothing can be more cheerful than a beginning of a smile on her face 🙂 We are just enjoying and this is one of the most beautiful moment of our life!
I am feeling amazingly well, a bit tired of course like every new mum but anyway full of energy. I am also feeling really peaceful and calm, breathing through every breastfeeding. I am trying to master the technique by feeding Louisa while she is in her sling.
All of this is possible thanks to Alan. Because the team work starts really here! We can share together all the moments and help each other to discover our little wonder. It is really great and Alan is really wonderful.

I forgot many things to say about pregnancy, delivery, birth… So few more things now that I forgot to mention earlier on…
I had no perineum stitches, because we have done the perineum massage since the 30th week of pregnancy almost every day religiously. And I really think that it had paid it out. So I would really recommend to every one.
What I did also every day more than once was my pelvic floor exercises. And I am doing them now for the rest of my life.
The last days of my pregnancy I worked really hard to make Louisa turns because her back was against my back. I was walking on all four like a cat for more than 30min every day. Fortunately it worked out as Louisa was born with her back towards the front of my abdomen (anterior position).

Visit of our midwife Lorraine.

It was a great surprise to see Lorraine again! She visited us today to check if everything was fine and to perform the newborn blood spot screening test on Louisa in order to identify rare but serious conditions like Phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, sickle cell disorders, cystic fibrosis and Medium Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency.
Alan helped Lorraine to do the test as I didn’t want to pass my fear of needles to Louisa. They put her feet in a bucket of warm water and then took blood from her foot. All went very well without any screaming! She is hopefully not like me 😉 Great!
We also talked about breastfeeding clinic that may help us.

I called back the hospital to get the results of my blood test and all is fine! No need to go back there for the time being. What a great relief! We are going to celebrate that 😉