Louisa met friends & family in France.

23/12. Elsa, Crystelle & Séverine

26/12. Sandra & Séverine

26/12. Hervé

28/12. Crystine & Denis – Maryse & Michel

29/12. Stéph, Tru & Lucas – Céline, Isidro, Emilio & Ianis

30/12. Marcele & Matt

01/01. Paulette, Nadine, Claude & Elodie

02/01. Isabelle, Tristan & Sarah

Louisa met Grand-Mamy Anne-Marie & Grand-Papy Roland.

Louisa’s Grand-Papy is not very well and during Christmas he was staying in an hospital in Saran to recover after operation. We visited him all together and we wished him all the best to recover soon. Grand-Mamy Anne-Marie & Grand-Papy Roland were really happy to meet Louisa!

Louisa visits France.

Fri 21/12. Oratoire Germigny des Pres & basilic St Benoit sur Loire
Sat 22/12. Chambord & Cheverny
Sun 23/12. Jargeau
Thu 27/12. Paris
Fri 28/12. Orleans
Sun 30/12. Versailles

Visit to Lyra, Kate & Wim.

We went to visit Lyra, Kate & Wim to pick up clothes for Louisa and give them the gift that my parents brought to Lyra. We met one of their friends and share a cup of tea and chocolates. We got the reference for two interesting books: “Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene” by Ingrid Bauer & “My Child Won’t Eat!: How to Prevent & Solve the Problem (La Leche League International Book)” by Carlos Gonzalez.

Yoga Xmas party.

We get together with babies and toddlers of my Yoga course at the Xmas party organized by Anna, our teacher. We enjoyed Xmas songs, tea and cakes and we met the babies of most of my pregnant Yoga mates. We spent a great time there!

Visit to the GP – 6 weeks check-up.

Louisa and her washable nappy kit 🙂

We visited the dentist this morning and our little Louisa came with us. Then we went to our GP appointment at York Street Medical Surgery to see Dr Males. We discussed about Louisa’s developments and he made some checks like looking at her eyes, her skin, listing her hear beat, … He also weighted her, she is now 4.44 kg!
Later we met up people at the exit of the cinema the “big scream” and went out for lunch with Sally & Sam from the NCT class. We then went for shopping downtown and came back home.

We are really happy to have received today our new Suse’s kindercoat for carrying Louisa during raining or cold days.