Mum’s thoughts… after 3 months and a half.

It has been a long time since I wrote something here… we have been traveling a lot since Christmas! First to spend some time all together in France with all Louisa’s grand-parents, then to Lisbon with Mamy Ivonete et Papy Matias, then to France for a concert with my flute teacher Arlette and finally to Brazil to meet all Louisa’s Tatas (aunts) et Tontons (uncles).

I wanted to say here how fantastic has been these three first months, how wonderful it is to live these day to day progress with Louisa and Alan. I never thought before that the adventure could be that great! What ever happen in the future, I enjoy every minutes of this new life.

I think what make me also so happy is to have found a wonderful Dad in Alan, on top of being a wonderful husband, partner, friend and lover! I share with him a common view on how to live together as a team and on how to raise Louisa.
First of all on the way to share the tasks at home: Alan changes Louisa’s nappies and I breastfeed her ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say that I have probably the best job! In turn, we give her bath and carry her.
Another important thing for me is to sleep with Louisa, as it is much easier to breastfeed during the nights without waking up, but also it is much easier to keep an eye on her while she’s sleeping. Parents who don’t sleep with their child are missing one of these wonderful moments when your little one wakes up next to you in the morning looking at you with a big smile on her face!
What makes me also very happy is to be able to carry Louisa everywhere without any troubles thanks to the method we used. Here in Brazil people are still carrying their child in the streets (maybe due to really bad side walks…) but without any fabric, only in their arms. I found really really great to carry her in a wraparound sling. Mamy Ivonete made two new slings for us! Everybody here in Brazil is asking us where this technique comes from… the answer is HERE! Yes from the Indians of South America! but also from elsewhere in the world.
Finally, Louisa is a fantastic little cute girl and having her without fuzz, without too much extra (no pushchair, no shoes, …) but with a lot of love make us being able to live our life as a very happy family!

Mum’s thoughts… after 3 months and a half.

One thought on “Mum’s thoughts… after 3 months and a half.

  1. Itยดs wonderful see you 3 happy, smiling and loving each other everyday more and more!
    I was anxious to meet Louisa, my first and lovely niece, now I miss you more then ever.
    Have a wonderful life, plenty of best things and Emidia and I hope to meet you ASAP.

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