Lunch with NCT friends @ Ginny & Karl’s place.

It was a really nice sunny day in Cambridge and we all bring our little ones. We had some nice food and we talked about babies. It was nice to see Petra, Ross and Sebastian again. We also exchanged tips on how doing food, coping with teeth pain and trying to sleep. They also asked me how it is now that I am back working! We spent a really nice afternoon 🙂 Louisa tried for the first time to eat cherry! What a disaster for her t-shirt 😉

Bank holiday week-end in France.

We arrived in Tours on Thursday. Mamy Jeannine and Papy Jacques picked us up. They bought a brand new car seat just for me! I am pretty happy with it even if for the time being is still a little bit too big, but I like playing the big girl 😉
We had a really nice dinner with Sandra & Séverine on Friday, went for shopping in Orleans as usual on Saturday! We celebrated French mother day with Grand-Papy and Grand-Mamy that came over for a really nice lunch. It was quite unexpected to be all together! We visited Chenonceau castle, it was lovely!

My first tooth!

Today my first two bottom tooth appear! I’m going to be able to bite Mum 😉 And I did my
first poo in the potty! Although not voluntarily 🙂 Both Mummy and Daddy were really happy 😀

BBQ with CCPN friends.

Alan invited all his CCPN mates for a BBQ, although some couldn’t come. We made marinated meat brochettes, gratin dauphinois , salad, lemon tart and chocolate cake. The brochettes were wonderful and very well cocked, congratulation Alan! About 10 people turned out, and almost all the food disappeared! The weather was not so collaborative but we made it!

Dinner @ Tânia & Alex’s place.

We spent a great evening with Tânia & Alex’s friends at their place, 10min walk from our home on the other side of the railway. Louisa was happy to see Juli again 🙂 And she said her first “tatata…”! We had lovely pizzas and desserts: a “far breton” made by Catherine & Nicolas and a “cheese torte” made by Almut.

Picnic in Cambridge.

We had a nice, warm and sunny BBQ picnic with Matt and Marcelle in one of the Cambridge’s park close to their home. Matt made wonderful pita bread that we ate with marinated grilled chicken. We made hamburgers and a lemon cake for dessert. Louisa enjoyed being outside!

Walk to Orchard Tea Garden.

Catherine and Nicolas invited us for a walk to the Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester about one hour walk from Cambridge.
We walked from home, met them in Newnham and walked together along the Cam river to the Orchard Garden. We spent a really nice time there, we had a lovely scone and we relaxed under the trees before heading back home.

The weather was lovely and I enjoyed caring Louisa on my back for the first time.

May bank holiday week-end.

Rosa, Mashka and John stayed with us for the weekend. They cooked a lovely dinner for us and we invited Matt & Marcelle. Rosa is pretty bigger now and always moving around. She took care of Louisa and it was really nice to see them playing together.

We went to the house warning party of Nicole and Marco on Saturday night, where we also saw Ari and it was really great to see him speaking in Italian, Danish and English. Will Louisa master Portuguese, French and English? We hope so 🙂

On Sunday we took the chance to buy plants and flowers for our garden. This year we have tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and geranium. We planted them all on Sunday. We took nice pictures in the garden on Monday.