Two weeks holidays in France.

We flew to Tours (30/08), stopped in Chambord on the way to Jargeau to show the castle to Alane. We spent some days in Jargeau with a one-day in Paris (01/09) where we visited Pantheon and Notre Dame, strolling around to see some of the amazing tourist attractions.On Wednesday 3rd September, we started our journey toward Valras-Plage. On the way we stopped at Beaune for lunch but unfortunately under heavy rain and so we couldn’t see much. Continuing our journey we spent the night at Jérome & Valérie’s house in Faramans. They were very kind and warm to receive us. Next day we stopped in Nîmes, another city with Roman ancestry.We arrived in Valras-Plage where we spent a wonderful week and Louisa had her first bath in the Mediterranean Sea. While there, we took a day to visit Sète (08/09), an important port, with its remarkable landscape: a hilly place located between a lake and the sea.
We spent our last days back in Jargeau with an astonishing visit to Versailles (11/09) where we finally could get into despite our first failed attempt last Christmas. What a fantastic place! And on the top of that we had an art exposition from Jeff Koons, with his very peculiar touch, sometimes chocking or surprising!
On Mamy Jeannine’s birthday (12/09), Murielle and Alexia prepared a dinner and Sandra and Séverine bought the cake. It was a really nice and lively evening!

Weekend in Bristol, Bath & Stonehenge.

Although “Titia” Alane said that she came mostly to stay with Louisa, to avoid boredom we took a long weekend to travel in England. Starting from Bristol where we were based, we first visited its unique bridge.
On the second day, we went to Bath where we saw its famous Roman bath; here is the only hot spring water in the UK. No wonder why the Roman took that place! An outstanding city to spend time and to know its history. On our third day going back to Cambridge, we stopped at Stonehenge, an amazing site with much more history than the remarkable visible stones can tell. We had the great opportunity to talk with some archaeologists who were working on the site with firsthand discoveries.

Alane in UK.

Finally Alane came in UK to visit us and see Louisa! We picked her up in Heathrow airport. It is great for all of us to have her here for the next five weeks. We hope that it would be the first of many other future visits.

In London with Sarah.

It is Olympic game time in Beijing (next time will be in London!). Papai is watching the game on TV when possible while our little champion is getting ready for 2012! We went to London with Sarah, also hopping to meet a family that was looking for an au pair but they didn’t show up. Never mind, we had a really good time there not only because of the great weather.

Weekend in Cambridge.

Matt & Marcelle came for dinner on Saturday, and they are also expecting a baby for January. We are really happy for them! On Sunday we went for barbecue at Nicole and Marco’s place again but this time we had food, and it was really great! Nicole organises all these parties because she is finishing her PhD and she is going back to Hong Kong soon and Marco to Italy before returning to UK eventually.

Rekins’ birthday party.

Rekin’s invited us for his birthday party and it was a really good opportunity to know him and his wife Aiko better. They are expecting a baby for January and we were really happy to talk with them and their friends. He is from Guadeloupe and his wife is Belgian.

Sarah in Cambridge.

Sarah arrived in Cambridge on Friday 1st August and will stay with us for two weeks. She is looking for a family in UK to work as an au pair and learn English. We offered her to stay with us two weeks because we were looking for help while Alan will go next week for three days for a conference in Lake District.
We spent the day showing her Cambridge, and we took the chance to visit King’s chapel and Trinity College.

NCT get together.

We had an exceptional lunch at Luca’s parents place, Todd & Catherine, where we could get together with almost everybody from the NCT group. We could see how much they have grown up those last months. Despite the rain, Todd prepared a delicious barbecue. We also had the chance to show our new sling bought in London, and Ginny and Sally tested with their little boys Max and Sam.
The day was not over, we still found time to visit Nicole & Marco who were also having barbecue party. We found in their garden a new attraction for Louisa: a trampoline! We had great fun.