Papy & Mamy in Cambridge.

Papy Jacques and Mamy Jeannine came over in Cambridge to celebrate the first birthday of Louisa. They brought lovely clothes for Louisa and lots of gifts! But we had a gift for them too 😉 A brand new laptop: a nice shinny MacBook!

Valerie & Jerome in Cambridge.

Antonio came over for dinner on Wednesday 8/10, and Alan spent some time playing with his mobile 😉
We had dinner at Catherine & Nico’s place with Ujjwall, Jyoti and Ria on Friday evening.
On Sunday Valerie & Jerome came to Cambridge to have lunch with us as they were spending the weekend in London to attend the brass band final at the Royal Albert Hall. We showed them Cambridge and the colleges and we were lucky to have a nice sunny weather.
Wim, Kate and Lyra came over to bring some warm winter clothes for Louisa and we had a Chinese take away at home.