Anne’s Birthday.

I had a really great day, full of lovely kind messages, surprises and great gifts! Louisa and Alan offered me lots of nice gifts hidden all over the place, and Louisa and Sarah made a wonderful gift: Louisa’s hand in “pâte à sel”! What a great day, thank you everybody 🙂

My fourth immunisation.

Alan took Louisa to the surgery where she had another vaccine (Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) and Meningitis C). All went fine, she didn’t cry much.

Snow in Cambridge.

It was snowing in Cambridge that morning and we put the little red coat borrowed from Lyra to Louisa to go to the swimming pool!

Lunch with Catherine, Todd & Luca.

Catherine invited us and specially Sarah to meet up with her friend who has children that may be interested of doing language exchange with Sarah. We had great food and spent a lovely time with them.