Xmas parties in Cambridge.

On Friday, we at the Ernest’s group at Biochem had our traditional banquet at St. Johns. Louisa had her first gala dinner in a college and behaved as a lady (for a one year old girl of course).
Next day, we went to Matt & Marcelle where we met Lyra, Wim & Kate for a Thai special lunch. Wonderful food! But we didn’t finish here, later that day we went for dinner at Nico & Catherine’s new house, where Nico’s cousine Carole joined us for a superb lasagna.
On Sunday, this time the event was at home. We received for lunch Rasmus & Luisa with their son Ari and their new family member Emma. We cooked a tajine and it was pretty good, in our humble opinion :-).
Xmas parties in Cambridge.

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