Holidays in Brazil.

As in our search for sunny days in the middle of winter, we took an usual trip to Brazil where we spent 2 weeks. But not all was all fun…

We took Iberia to fly to Brazil this time, based mostly because of price, the cheapest we got you know… And for the last time; a classic case of “the cheap the cost earth”. On our way to Brazil, we had a “pleasant” 3 hours delay in Barajas Airport with extra time in the aeroplane. So far, our longest trip ever taken to São Paulo!

However, we arrived well the crew in the flight were nice with us (but we got what we paid for). We head to Campinas where we spent a real pleasant time with Cristiano, Ana, Eric & Mila. Eric is growing pretty well and Mila is their new daughter, a very beautiful baby girl. Among things done in Campinas, we visit the University and biggest shopping mall in Brazil.

Then we flew to Brasília, where we stayed for 2 days with Letícia. We finally visited Brazil’s capital, but to be frank we didn’t like much. The city was made for cars… pity.
And of course, we went to Belém to stay with Papa’s family and see friends. On 24 Jan, there was a “late” Louisa’s birthday party organised by ‘titia’ Alane and ‘vovó’ Ivonete.
On our way back to Europe, we spent a weekend with Alan’s friends in São Paulo country side. Elza, Eric and Alan (Eric’s daddy) were perfect host and pampered us a lot.
But not all were fine on the way back. How lucky were us to have London under heavy snow! Unfortunately, we were in Barajas (Madrid’s airport) and had to wait there for another 10 hours, with Louisa having a bit of fever and us completely exhausted. But we happily got the last train to Cambridge. And we were lucky, because our au pair Sarah has to spend her 9 hours in the Eurostar train, in somewhere under the English channel in the Eurotunnel.
Holidays in Brazil.

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