NCT picnic.

After a night without sleeping… we managed to bake a strawberry tart and bring it to the picnic with our NCT friends on Lammas Land (Newnham playground).

Skin rash.

After two very short and difficult nights, we are going to see the GP for skin rash… probably eczema! One week ago Helen our osteopath said that she may have eczema. We came back with prescription for double base cream to apply every day and 1% cortisone cream to apply on itching red spot…

Louisa’s first words… dinner with Hide & Shoko.

“Tout chaud” & “sous l’eau” are Louisa’s first words 😉
Her favorite while singing “une souris verte” is to finish the song saying “tout chaud!”
Other words are: soup, suco (juice), bumbum (butt),
And lots of signs!

Our neighbors came for dinner. Shoko is pregnant and their little one should arrive in October.