First midwife appointment.

We told our story of Louisa’s birth at home, and how traumatic was the hospital experience for both of us. She said that this time around you should not have a home birth as it may be too dangerous… she advices us to have an hospital birth maybe in the midwife led unit as we are considered at risk.
I knew that being pregnant will bring me back the feeling of the first birth, the wonderful joy of having a calm and peaceful home birth in contrast with the traumatic hospital experience that followed. I suppose that the birth was so fantastic, that I did not feel the need to solve any fears related to this hospital experience. But now it is the time to do it, I have to go through this even if it is painful to assure a wonderful and peaceful birth again.

Looking for a doula.

We decided that we needed a doula this time around… no more retained placenta with manual removal in theater without support!
I’ve found Sarah Ockwell-Smith on and contacted her, but she was not available… she instead sent an email to the list of doulas on the web site to know who may be available at the end of October.
Sam Sheppard replied the next day, she seems lovely and we will meet her on Monday. Her doula profile is
Here is what I wrote to her on that day:

“We are a family of three, Louisa (almost 2,5) was born at home in October 2007 with a wonderful help from Alan, my husband. But we went to hospital due to placenta retention, and it has been for me a traumatic experience. We did not have a doula the first time around, and we thought that this time we need extra help! I am about 9 weeks pregnant and the approximate due date should be the end of October. For the moment I am not feeling that well, I am tired and have nausea all day long. Pretty normal I suppose, but not very nice!”

Pregnancy test positive: Maman a avalé un tigre!

I was not feeling well for a while, kind of nausea I guess… thinking that I should probably see a GP as it could be something serious… but decided first to go for a pregnancy test as there were too many signs of being pregnant: nausea, change of taste (impossible to drink coffee anymore!), and tiredness.
We surely wanted another child but I was not sure when it will happen… so here we are it happened just while I was finishing writing up my MSc dissertation 🙂 The test was positive and suddenly felt relieved by not being sick!
First day of the last period was 21/Jan with an average cycle length of 26 that brings the estimated due date to 26/Oct!!! How exciting 🙂