Birth afterthought…

We saw a midwife at the birth after thought meeting at the Rosie. It was great to know that our memories of that day were pretty good, even if we did not realize that the 2nd stage took about 3 hours and apparently it is quite reaching the limit of acceptable “normal” time. For her it was fully justify having a managed 3rd stage in this condition. I still think that we did not had enough time to decide if we wanted the injection or not, and felt that we have been forced to take it.
What was particularly nice was to go through what happened at home, where I was in control, where all went well with the encouragements from the midwife and the support of Alan. What is still emotionally difficult was to discuss what we went through in the hospital, but I start to realize that when you lose more than 1L of blood and got all these products injected into your body, anyone will feel very bad.
This midwife was from the delivery unit, but she was surely more supportive of natural birth and reassured us that we will find support here in the Rosie. She also said that for her we should go straight to the delivery unit… so I felt that natural birth is fine if you fit into their procedures, otherwise they will take control. She said that the consultant we met allowed us to give birth in the midwife led unit as a compromise, and we should be very happy with this. All medical staffs seem to want us in the delivery unit ready for an intervention… 

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