Announcement: Family Pajon-Silva, a new hope called Emily!

Sometimes we hear people questioning why to have another child, or even why to have a child at all! Although someone can say that the world may be turning more and more inhospitable, it is usually forgotten that a new life is always a new hope for changing our lives, if not only the baby’s parents’ life, perhaps the humanity.
Our new hope is called Emily Pajon-Silva. She is a wonderful, peaceful, beautiful and healthy baby, born on Saturday 30th October 2010, at 21.04, weighting 3.46 kg, at home, a water birth and all went as fine as we could wish. She and mum are very very well.
She came to share this world with us and she started sharing her birthday with her 3 years-old big sister Louisa and we expect them to share many more other things, starting with bedroom and clothes very likely.
Who knows what future reserves to her, and definitely we believe she had a great start, but for sure her parents will do whatever it is possible for her, and Louisa, to pursue a bright future.
Announcement: Family Pajon-Silva, a new hope called Emily!

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