The white book…

This hypnosis session at the end of Sarah’s hypnobirth course was about releasing fear and anxiety. You needed to picture a white book with pages of your fears and removed the page and burn all pages while being under deep relaxation.
That was it, I though I couldn’t destroy the page about the removal of placenta in hospital that happened about three years ago after that session on that night but I now think I can. It trigers me the willingness to write up what’s happen in this blog and turn the page, maybe not totally burn it, but just move one.
I think we have been working hard with Alan to go over this experience, and I feel it is surely now the right time 🙂 Thank you very much Sarah!

Gillian, our last hope for a home birth…

I’ve finally managed to get the mobile phone number of Gillian. I talked to her over the phone, and ask if she will be able to look at Louisa’s birth notes and give us advices on the possible risks of recurrence of a retained placenta, and the possibility of having a home birth again. She kindly said that she will look at our case and call me back.

Contacts for a dreamed birth!

Our HypnoBirth teacher Sarah gave us invaluable information in order to find a more supportive midwife than our current one regarding the possibility of having a home birth. She told us to contact Gillian, a supervisor of midwives and Beverley from AIMS.

First HypnoBirthing class with Sarah.

This was really a last minute opportunity that we decided to take recommended by our doula Sam. Four courses over two weeks to hopefully have a calm and natural birth.
We met our teacher Sarah on that evening in Saffron Walden at her home, with three other couples, she baked very nice cakes and during three hours she talked passionately about giving birth naturally using hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. 
We finally found someone who really shares similar view on birthing as us that surely will help us to overcome the negative thoughts of the NHS people we met so far.  
To secure our success, we will have to do our homework… We got a CD to listen everyday with the Rainbow relaxation and Affirmation, and a book to read. Over the coming weeks, I will listen to the Affirmation track in the car while going to work and doing my pelvic floor exercises. I will listen to the Rainbow relaxation hopefully before going to bed… 

Midwife appointment.

All fine… we got the results of the glucose challenge test and all is fine. Because I am rhesus negative, I need an anti-D injection, that is given today exceptionally by our midwife instead of having to go the the Rosie. Thank you as it is always good to avoid a trip to the hospital 😉