In Cambridge.

At 30 weeks + 6 days, in our lovely garden (thanks to Jacques & Jeannine who cut the bushes two weeks ago… ;-)) under the sun after two weeks of winter weather, we finally enjoyed a summer day! Lots of people are leaving Cambridge tomorrow… our friend and colleague Pierre and our friend Anne who spent 3 months with us.

Happy birthday Matias (60) and Anne 🙂

Car seat.

The car seat is finally bought!!! We found it half price at Kiddicare in Peterborough. It is a maxi-cosi cabrio that fit easily and nicely into our little Nissan Micra 🙂

Visit to our midwife Michele.

Alan was in Nijmegen… so I went alone this time. I got the results from the blood test and all was fine, no anemia and no gestational diabetes. The urine test was good also, but I should keep drinking 3L per day! Because my blood is Rhesus negative and Alan’s blood is Rhesus positive, I had an injection of anti-D (Rhophylac)… a bit painful but all went pretty well 😉
Otherwise, Michele measured my belly: 31cm and we could listen the heart of our little one and the flow of the blood going into the umbilical cord too. It was great!
The weather was like in November and it was raining a lot!

Birth preparation workshop.

We went to the birth preparation workshop organized by my yoga teacher Anna. We spent two hours and an half learning delivery positions, breathing and relaxation techniques, talking over our feelings and birth experiences with other parents. It was really great to meet the other couples.

Blood test.

It is the blood test done at 28 weeks for anemia and glucose tolerance after drinking 265mL of Lucozade, an horrible orange drink, one hour before the test.

In Cambridge.

New clothes for our little one brought from France by our future Grand-parents. Lovely summer day in Cambridge at 27 weeks + 6 days.