2022 Highlights

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Our highlights of 2022, we:

– Enjoyed the holiday’s season in Jargeau with Papy & Mamy at the begining of 2022
– Louisa & Felix (dead name Emily) – Left the Story Forest school in Aljezur, Algarve and went back being homeschooled with Anne
Anne – prepared hand-ons science experiments to catchup on this topic and history
Louisa & Felix – Enrolled at Wolsey Hall online school to keep up with English and Math
– Got new neighbours at Luso Leaves Farm who are our friends from Brittany Estelle, Greg, Milly, Azia & Sylia!
– Went to vote for the French presidential election in Faro
Anne – Drove back to France with Greg to pick up their newly bought camper van and drove back to Portugal
– Got the visit of Lore and Fred from Brittany who stayed in our camper van
Caramel – got a thorn in her paw and needed to wear a sock for few days
– Found a lovely farm to fork restaurant near Lagos called Vale da Lama where we returned to celebrate 12 and 15 years old birthdays in October
– Went to France over the summer for a long road trip: starting at Sophie near Perpignan, then at Laure & Sam near Lauzerte, then at Lore & Fred near Quimper, then Averanche, Colleville-sur-Mer, Bayeux, then at Michael et Frédérique near Le Havre
– Stopped in Saint-Jean-de-Mont on the way to Brittany where Anne spent all her summer holidays when she was a child
Louisa & Felix – Spent few days with their horses’ friends at the Poney Club de Lanveron
– Met our friends from the Carré Libre over the summer around Quimper
Louisa & Felix – Cut their hair with Laetitia
– Took pictures of the Mont Saint Michel from Averanche
– Visited the American cimetary near Colleville-sur-Mer
– Visited the famous Bayeux tapestry and a WWII museum
– Spent August in Jargeau with Papy & Mamy
Alan – did London-Edinburgh-London on his bike
Louisa, Felix & Anne – Took a sourdough course to make natural bread
Anne – changed the roof windows of the camper van
Alan – went to Brazil to celebrate the 50 wedding anniversary of his parents Matias & Ivonete
Louisa, Felix & Anne – Met Tazi the new golden retriever of Thierry near Blois
Louisa & Felix – Did one day trial at the democratic school near Orléans called Upaya
– Went to Cambridge to meet up with friends, and clean up, paint the house after Rodrigo and Ana found their dreamed house and left ours
– Drove back to Rogil, Portugal stopping at lovely places across France and Spain
– Met new home-schooler friends in Luz near Lagos
– Got the visit of grandpa Matias et grandma Ivonete for the birthday celebrations of Louisa and Felix
Louisa, Felix & Anne – went to Vale da Lama farm to follow a very inspiring course on Ecosystem Regeneration Camp organised by Projecto Novas Descobertas
– Got the visit of Aurélie from La P’tite Réinventerie touring Europe on her Brompton bike looking for people living in alternative house. Look at her great post on our tiny house! A documentary will be coming soon…
– Went to Jargeau for the 2022 Christmas celebration with Papy & Mamy

?Happy 2023 to you! Wishing you all the best!

Selection of our best pictures of 2022!

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2022 Highlights

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