The wonderful journey to our new hopes called Emily!

All started on Friday 29th October at 21:00 when my water broke. We were having dinner; I was sitting on my chair when suddenly Louisa said “Oh Maman, you’re doing a wee!”. The surges started no longer after but we first finished our dinner, set up the environment for the birth and text our Doula […]

Announcement: Family Pajon-Silva, a new hope called Emily!

Sometimes we hear people questioning why to have another child, or even why to have a child at all! Although someone can say that the world may be turning more and more inhospitable, it is usually forgotten that a new life is always a new hope for changing our lives, if not only the baby’s parents’ life, perhaps the […]

First HypnoBirthing class with Sarah.

http://www.birthfriendly.co.uk/hypnobirthing.htm This was really a last minute opportunity that we decided to take recommended by our doula Sam. Four courses over two weeks to hopefully have a calm and natural birth. We met our teacher Sarah on that evening in Saffron Walden at her home, with three other couples, she baked very nice cakes and during three hours she […]

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