Sarah, our new au-pair.

Until now we were able to manage to take care of Louisa between us since I went back to work at the beginning of April. Because Alan was working part-time only in the morning and I was working a bit from home in the morning and about 6 hours in the office in the afternoon. But this arrangement was made only for the first 6 months, so from October we needed to find another solution.

We then decided to have Sarah to help us with Louisa, as our experience with her in August during two weeks was really great! She is now looking after Louisa about 4 hours a day from 10.30am till 2.30pm. It makes our life much easier as I am now able to work a bit more at “normal” hours, and come back from work earlier. Thank you so much Sarah 🙂

Busy weekend in Cambridge!

We went for a dinner at Tim’s place on Friday, the Wolfgang’s farewell party at the Saffron Brasserie on Saturday and had dinner on Sunday evening with Rekin’s and Aiko.

PiMS dinner in Cambridge.

PiMS team was in Cambridge this time, so no need to travel! We went to Teri Aki, a Japanese restaurant, for our team dinner with Peter, Ed, Bill & Chris. Alane took pictures as Louisa’s official documentarist!

Revision School in Reading.

Maman needed to go to Reading for her revision school and every body had to come with her! Great that the hotel had pleasant facilities. And it was our chance to take Titia Alane to London on Saturday but Maman had to stay studying. The weather was really great in London and this time we took the chance to visit Westminster Abbey. There is no word to describe this place and we are not allowed to take pictures!
We had delicious lunch at Crystelle’s place and had the opportunity to meet Charles on our way back to Cambridge.

Back to the swimming lessons & welcome Eliott!

Louisa was really joyful back in the pool. We are looking forward to know which new tricks she’s going to learn.
Later that day, we got the news that Elsa brought to the world the little cute Eliott. Welcome Eliott! We wish you all he best because great parents you already have.