1 month birthday & Hearing screening.

Happy One Month Birthday Louisa! We went to Fulbourn, in the south of Cambridge, for Louisa’s hearing screening and everything went well, both ears seem to be ok. The next test will be when she’s 8 months old.
Mum was able to finish her Open University assessment before the deadline. Phew, what a month!
And to celebrate all the events, mum gave Louisa a nice bath.

French Livret de Famille.

We received back the French Livret de Famille from the French consulate with Louisa’s entry on it. We also got confirmation via the consulate web site that her French passport is now ready. It means that we have to go to London again to collect it with Louisa 😉

Our little British citizen.

Two weeks after we sent the documents via mail to get Louisa’s British passport (the day after we went to London for the French and Brazilian documents), we received it in our mailbox. Amazingly simple and easy! Well… because of bureaucracy, Louisa got the British citizenship first. She is now able to travel anywhere!

Louisa met Mamy Jeannine & Papy Jacques.

Finally Mamy & Papy came to see their granddaughter Louisa. We were very happy to have them here for the week-end. They brought a lot of gifts from France for Louisa, and some good food: bred, “saussisson” and chocolates! We walked around the city together and had a lunch out.
By this time, Louisa became able to follow Mum and Dad with her eyes and head.

Last visit of our midwife Lorraine.

This morning we received via mail a really nice gift (Louisa’s 1st jeans with a lovely shirt) from Elsa & Colin.

We had the visit of Lorraine, it is the last time we saw her. All the visits from different midwives end here, they all have been fantastic! A special thanks to Lorraine, who helps us to bring Louisa into this wonderful world that we will never forget. We talked about how well things are going and contraceptions.

3 weeks birthday & Rachel’s visit.

We had the visit of Rachel our Health visitor. She is going to follow us and Louisa from now till her 16th birthday as an adviser on health and family issues. She gave us Louisa’s book where her health will be recorder during the following years. We also talked about immunization.

She weighted Louisa, and now she is 3.68kg. I apparently breastfeed her very well every 2-3hrs usually as she gained weight pretty well in her first 3 weeks. I really enjoy doing it specially at night when all is quite. Rachel noted that Louisa is alert, attentive and has lovely interaction with her parents 😉 She also wrote that I am very well, we are coping very well and that I get really good support from my partner Alan. I really think that the key success of these first three weeks is our amazing working team as a new family!

Louisa is now 3 weeks old and she is almost able to smile and lift her head. She had a nice bath to celebrate her well-doing. We are really happy parents 🙂

Washable nappies.

This is the area of Daddy Alan. He is now using the washable nappies that we got from the City Council and some extra sent by Kate and Wim as gifts for Louisa. We are managing them pretty well 😉