Happy Birthday Louisa! 5 months today.

We started to play with cup… we are going to wait a bit more to introduce other foods than breast milk as the recommendation here is exclusive breastfeed for the first 6 months. I enjoy so much breastfeeding her that I am looking for giving her my milk for minimum one year. I think breast milk is the best food that she can get and the contact I have with her while breast feeding is so enjoyable that it can only be for good.
Mum’s going back to work tomorrow. Papa is already working everyday since beginning of March and until the end of August from 8am to 12am. So Mum is going to work a bit from home in the morning and spend 6hrs in the office in the afternoon from 1pm till 7pm.
It is going to be a big change after 6 months at home, but we are all looking forward to this new arrangement. Mum is really happy to go back to work because Papa is going to take care of Louisa in the afternoon. I am just a bit worried how Louisa is going to cope without my milk for so long… we will see. Alan will have expressed milk in bottles for the afternoon.

To remember Louisa’s developmental firsts before we forget!
Finding about moving.
– lifts head clear of ground [~ 4 weeks old]
– rolls over [4 months old]
– sits with support [5 months old]
– stands holding on [5 months old]
Finding out about hands.
– stares at hands [3 months old]
– grabs and holds big things [4/5 months old]
– pull your hairs [4 months]
Finding about words.
– smiles [6 weeks]
– laughs [3 months]
– babbles [4 months]
Finding out about people.
– stares at your face [4 weeks]
– moves eyes to watch you [2 months]

Happy Birthday Louisa! 5 months today.

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