Visit at home of our midwife Michele.

The appointment was to discuss about our birth plan. We mainly talked about the home birth and the different things we need to have ready. We would need a shower curtain and an old bed sheet to protect the floor, a bucket for the delivery of the placenta, a mirror and old towels. We also talked about the reasons why we may end up going to the hospital. She explained also that she recommends us to administrate a vitamin K injection at the birth of our baby to avoid the Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn. We also talked about water birth and having a physiological 3rd stage for labor to deliver the placenta naturally after the birth of our little one while breastfeeding.

There were no problem within my urine and my blood pressure was fine. She measured the size of the placenta and it is now 36cm. Baby heart beats were fine too and Dad-to-be Alan was really happy to be able to listen the heart beat with just putting is hear on my belly. Our baby seems to be in the right position but Michele was not 100% sure, so we are going to book a presentation scan at the ultrasound department to have confirmation that our little one is head down. Otherwise a home delivery will not be possible.

It was the last time we saw Michele as she is going back to work for the hospital in the midwife unit. We are going to have Lynn and Sue who are going now to take care of us.

Visit at home of our midwife Michele.

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